The intelligence in the atom, molecule and chromosome is far more greater than that of human

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 28th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: It is very important to remember the art of God. One should pay close attention to that. There is an extraordinary diligence behind human creation. For example, the wisdom in the cell, chromosome, the intelligence in the vacuole, the intelligence in the atom. People overlook this fact, which is another trick of satan. It is evident that the intelligence in the molecule is incomparably greater than the human intelligence. The molecule possesses a breathtaking intelligence. And they manage to make people overlook this through some sort of sorcery, through hypnosis. Seeing and learning about the intelligence of the molecules in a chromosome would blow a person's mind. Although molecule is small and seemingly simple, it is far more advanced than the human brain. But it only displays this intelligence within a cell. It does not show the same intelligence on its own. The dajjal erases its perfection, its amazing and shocking aspects from people's minds through magic. He virtually anesthetizes the brain. He influences the brain with an astonishing force. Otherwise, seeing the intelligence the molecule displays would shock people, because it takes a particle and carries it to its friend in a dark, pitch-black world. It says, "There is a faulty part in it. Help us dismantle it." They pull it on both sides, dismantle it and then diligently remove the faulty part. And then, they say, "Bring the relative part." The vacuole, mitochondria, they all step in. The part is manufactured exclusively and then the manufactured part is brought from an unrelated location. The part is put into the particle provided that it shares the exact same angle, position, placement and shape with the original. Then the molecule orders the particle to be closed. It is the molecule that does all of these. People learn about this subject in biology classes as if it is an ordinary thing. They say, “Okay, fine.”  But this is achieved through a breathtaking magic, through an amazing magic. Normally, the human brain would not react to this as a random thing. It would go into a shock upon learning about this. But as if it has been injected with high-dose narcotics, the human brain becomes numb, and it sees this perfection mundane, whereas it should be shocked, astounded by this perfection. It sees it as something ordinary. Here is the sorcery of satan used by the dajjal movement. He distracts the human mind with trivial matters such as sports, games, fights, everyday political disputes, desire for grandeur. He distracts people away from the actual wonders, miracles. There is a world inside the brain. Think about it; there has not been a single living being to date who looked at matter through means other than the monitor in their brains. Since the creation of mankind, there has been no scientist, no person who has been able to see the world through means other than the monitor in their brains. Every person sees the outside world through the monitor in his brain. They watch the world in front of this monitor. No one has ever leave the brain, the monitor and looked at the outside world. To date, no one has ever been able to identify via scientific method from where the monitor receives the information. Faith has an answer for this. We believe God created it; but for them this is a subject that should not even be thought about. Lenin says, "Avoid this subject at all costs." They ask Lenin about this subject. He answers saying, "Don't do it, as you will get lost in that subject". "It will overwhelm you," he says. When this subject comes up, he asks people to drop the subject and never bring it up again. He considers it as a vexed subject. Because, he too is aware of the fact that he lives inside his brain. So he considers it overwhelming and unsolvable; thus, it should be avoided. This is why they constantly divert people to idle activities. People should remain vigilant and in constant connection with Almighty God in a position of amazement. In a state of amazement and marvel. Every deed of God is wondrous and amazing. One should never leave that position of amazement; be in constant amazement. It is the dajjal movement, satan that prevents us from being amazed. He inhibits, negates the sense of amazement in the brain. For example, a person normally becomes startled when a bomb explodes, right? If the person remains calm, they say, "He has entered into shock." For example, a person sees people being killed in front of him. Or a bomb explodes and severely injures him. But he strangely remains calm. And he responds, “I am fine” when asked. So we say that he is in shock. He is unable to give any normal reactions. Likewise, satan and the dajjal movement have gotten people into such a shock. Humanity is in shock. Darwin says, "Your existence is coincidental." And people accept this without questioning and obey him. According to him, everything is a result of coincidences. He says that all the fruits, oranges, apples, melons, watermelons, cherries, mandarins, humans, animals, chromosomes, and nuclei; the whole universe came into existence through coincidences. And people agree and accept what satan says. They do so unknowingly, unintentionally. And it is the Mahdi movement that will bring this system down. Otherwise, it cannot be done via schools alone, albeit they are initially helpful in this regard.

2016-12-06 08:52:15

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